An exciting benefit through your union to help you continue your education!

This exciting opportunity allows you and your family to earn an Associate degree from Eastern Gateway Community College with no out of pocket costs to you for tuition, fees or books! The Free College Benefit combines PELL or other federal grants with employer reimbursement, then covers any remaining costs for tuition, fees and online books. There is absolutely no cost to the member and they will never be asked to take out any loans.

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

I chose Business Management for my degree; the classes are stimulating and challenging. I have an 11-year-old daughter and work 50 hours, 6 days per week, so time is an issue. The instructors are helpful and the administration helped to set up my classes and get me started, which made things much easier. Some of the best benefits of the program are:
Price. Free is within your budget! Comfort. Do it on your schedule. Accessibility. You do your work anytime, anywhere. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!
Barry Sisson, Union Steward, Hanson Cold Storage

A Dream Finally Came True

One of my dreams has been to pursue a degree in Elementary Education, but I wasn't sure that I could afford it. I heard that my union offered free online college through Eastern Gateway Community College and I'm currently enrolled in classes and am doing fantastic! It's amazing that I have a union who is just as invested in my education as I am. Without my union and EGCC, I wouldn't have the opportunity to attend school and achieve my dream of finally going to college. I can't ever thank you enough for helping me to be able to attend a school completely free of cost, and because of that, it's a dream that finally came true.
Shannon Farlie, Kroger